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RootX - 2lb. Jar with Funnel/Applicator

RootX - 2lb. Jar with Funnel/Applicator

A 2 lb. jar is designed to treat 50 ft. of 4-inch pipe with 5 - 10 gallons of water. (Do not attempt to flush 4 lbs. of RootX down a toilet!) One Funnel/Applicator is provided at no cost with every jar.

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Attach the Funnel/Applicator to the top of the jar and shake the dry RootX product back and forth between jar & funnel for approximately 1 minute. This ensures that you have a proper mixture of the two components of RootX so that you will get maximum foam generation. The foam is what applies the active ingredient of RootX to the roots and pipe walls. Hint: If applying 2 lbs. of RootX in a toilet have a 5 gallon bucket of water available to push the foam down the toilet.

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